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Data & Specialist Air Conditioning Maintenance

Data & Specialist
With specialist systems, maintenance is often a must as the HVAC system may be cooling a business critical item, such as a server or data room system. A failure of the HVAC system can result in physical equipment damage and monetary loss due to business downtime

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Specialist Systems Maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance contracts are important for prolonging the life span of any air conditioning system. Maintenance brings real benefits with regards to system efficiency and reliability, helping to keep running costs downs and repairs rarely required.

With specialist systems, maintenance is often a must as the HVAC system may be cooling a business critical item, such as a server or data room system. A failure of the HVAC system can result in physical equipment damage and monetary loss due to business downtime

Contact us today for a bespoke maintenance contract for your specialist HVAC system

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Our Service Promise

We are committed to supplying only quality products and services and at competitive prices. In conjunction, Air Options aims to provide excellent one-to-one customer relations.

We maintain a stable turnover and liquidity allowing us to honour all product and contract warranties with the projects we cover ranging from a few hundred pounds up to many hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Our Price Promise

We'll match any maintenance price for a like for like system and better it!
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Key features

  • Expert System Design
  • Fully Project Managed
  • Manufacturer Approved Installers
  • Guaranteed Workmanship
  • F-Gas approved
  • ISO 9001 accredited
  • SAFE Contractor listed

Key Personnel

Matt Peace

Matt is the Maintenance & Service Director and brings to the role many years experience with a wide array of systems and equipment.

Darren Clover

Being the Maintenance & Service Manager, Darren is responsible for our team of engineers who are strategically placed in and around London & the Home Counties

comprehensive servicing

Comprehensive Servicing

Our service engineers all have many years experience in the Air Conditioning and HVAC industry, having worked on a wide range of system types and manufacturer equipment. This means they understand the equipment they work on inside and out ensuring thorough servicing and quality workmanship.

critical maintenance

Critical Maintenance

In many premises, the Air Conditioning system is taken for granted and it's only when it fails that people realise how indispensable it is. It's breakdown often results in business disruption, especially if the system is an integral part of service delivery such as in the case of a restaurant or public facility. A planned preventative maintenance package will

manufacturer approved installers

Manufacturer Approved

Air Options are experienced in a wide range of equipment brands, with each manufacturer having their specific benefits for certain applications. We are approved installers for both Daikin and Mitsubishi Air Conditioning and HVAC equipment, having met all their requirements in technical ability and service quality.

guaranteed workmanship

Guaranteed Workmanship

All work carried out by Air Options is backed by our guarantee, giving you peace of mind that we resolve any issues post-maintenance should they arise from our workmanship.

Specialist - Clean Room

Maintenance of clean room systems is a necessity for ensuring the peak operation of the system, something that could be highly critical such as in the case of Pharmacological premises.

We are fully versed in the installation of such systems and as such can provide custom maintenance contracts regardless of system complexity, helping to ensure consistent operation at all times.

Specialist - Server and Data Suites

Server and data room/suite operators require very precise control over the temperature levels of their rooms in order to ensure the computer equipment used therein does not overheat and malfunction.

As such, maintenance of the close control system in place is vital to safeguard against such occurrences. We will analyse your current system set-up and tailor a maintenance package to your equipment and budgetary constraints ensuring a package that's right for you.

Other Premises

Air Options are fully experienced in installing Air Conditioning systems into a wide array of premise types.

We are also fully accredited with relevant trade bodies and possess several third party accreditations as well as being manufacturer approved installers for several key brands.

Specialist - Close Control

Close Control systems are a broad range of system types that allow for greater level of control over the conditions of a served area.

These types of systems are nearly always bespoke to the requirements of the particular premise or room, be it commercial or industrial. Air Options have installed many such systems, with heavy use of them in data suites and similar, and have experience across a wide selection of application types.

Commercial Chillers

Commercial chillers can be part of a close control type system, allowing for the conditioning of large volumes of air. A prime example being that of a server room system, which requires large air volume cooling capacity. We are familiar with the installation and maintenance of a number of large name chiller brands, accredited installers in most cases.

Variable Refrigerant Volume/Flow (VRV/VRF)

VRV/VRF systems use refrigerant to cool or heat air via an external condensing unit. The condensor can use VRV/VRF technology to circulate refrigerant at varying speeds to individual evaporators and internal wall mount/cassette units. These systems allow for much greater efficiency, with energy savings of up to %50 over a unit not employing this technology.

Unsure if We Can Help?

If you feel you have unusual system requirements that we have not directly referenced, give us a call or contact us via our webform and we will be able to discuss your project and how we will likely be able to accomplish your project goals!

Further Help and Information - Call us Today

We're here to help and answer any questions you may have regarding the Installation, Maintenance & Servicing of any brand Air Conditioning or HVAC equipment. Call us today for an informal chat about your requirements.

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